Publish multi-media content globally in a few seconds


Sign into the Xonecast Platform to upload media which includes a wide range of formats for images, video, flash and sound.


Smart Scheduling makes it easy to manage any size digital signage deployment. Thousands of devices can be managed easily and effectively.


Our Cloud solutions make it easy and cost-effective to deliver live data to audiences in any geography across the most popular consumer devices.


  • Are you using Pen Drives / SD Cards?

    There are disadvantages of a disconnected type of network
    Huge human networking required
    Proof-of-Play cannot be obtained
    Scheduling. An impossible job

  • Are you a Corporate?

    Display digital signage where employees will see them
    Share messages that reinforce brand guidelines
    Display timely weather, news or traffic updates
    Update business related content

  • Are you an advertiser?

    Advertisers can choose to show their ads based on the geographical location of the user viewing the ad automatically.
    Ads can also be targeted to display only in certain areas of your choice.

  • Want to monetize your Digital Displays?

    Exciting revenue share opportunities

Platform Features

Some of the features provided by the Xonecast Platform are:

  • Cloud Based Solution
  • Manage Ad Display Network
  • Player Device Management
  • Remote Monitor and Health Check-up
  • Dashboard View / Map View
  • Role Based Access
  • Live Status & Comprehensive reporting
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Ad Inventory Management
  • Campaign Management
  • Scheduling
  • Proof Of Play Reports
  • Segmented Targeting
  • Multi-Region Layout Design
  • Automated alerts


Digital Signage can serve as a communication tool which can be beneficial to patients and healthcare providers like hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.


The content of Digital Signage in retail industry may include product information, product prices, questionnaires, floor plan of a mall or an e-catalog.


Digital Signage in public transportation area is an effective marketing platform for advertisers to effectively get the travelers' attention.


Digital Signage can replace the traditional static bulletin boards in schools, college campuses, eductional institutes and universities as an information channel for students, teachers, staff and visitors


Digital Signage can serve as an effective medium for both internal and external communication. It can broadcast announcements and information to target audiences about policies, interest rates, exchange rates, etc.


Digital Signage in hospitality industry can provide an efficient communication platform for customers broadcasting special offers, room tarrifs, special events, messages for guests and general information

About us


Founded in 2013 by an experienced team of experts from fields as diverse as IT, Defense & Surveillance, Telecom, Management, along with a strong R&D-oriented engineering staff, XVIDIA's vision of using technology as a weapon against elitism has withstood multiple challenges and has enabled the company to establish a pan-India footprint in Integrated Monitoring Systems.

With a healthy risk-appetite & a firm financial backing, Xvidia is on a mission to leverage Cloud video NOC with Hadoop for data management to manage, store, encode, schedule and publish any media to any device globally. XVIDIA's Video NOC on the cloud allows users to connect their media and distribute it globally in seconds With the ability to leverage any major streaming format, XVIDIA's On Demand Streaming offer improves your end user experience while reducing your time to market.

In just 2 years of its startup life, XVidia has developed a major part of the path-breaking XVidia platform. We are poised to grow at an unprecedented speed; with products and services that capture the imagination of India and the world.

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